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Dryer vents due to all the lint that builds up in them often require cleaning every 1-3 years. 

restricted dryer vent due to lint build up.jpg

Reasons to clean your dryer vent

  • Lint is a known fire hazard

  • Lint inside your vent may hold moisture

  • Restricted dryer vents are less energy efficient

  • Clean dryer vents reduce the number of breakdowns

  • Broken outdoor vent covers can allow rodents and other animals in for nesting

dryer damanged louvres.JPG

The cost of cleaning your vent will depend on its location, distance, accessibility, materials if any are needed and how clogged your vent is. Bends/turns in the vent can slow the process down. With rough length of vent and a few pictures of the dryer vent, we can provide you with a rough cost over the phone to have your vent cleaned. Unfortunately at this time, we do not clean dryer vents that are on roofs or more than sixteen feet from ground level. 

dryer vent hood.jpg
excessive long and crushed dryer vent.jpg
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